Syria, why and what for?

I would agree that our military power is not useful attempts to alter regimes or to rule other peoples, but it is useful in the current situation. We have the will and the power to take out the Syrian ability to use Chemical Weapons, and/or at least to deter them from doing so in the future. We have that ability to do this with VERY little risk to the US interests. What is contemplated in Syria is also not an ongoing event, I suspect at most it will be ongoing for less than a week.

I consider my argument pretty strong when the only response I can get from the peanut gallery is "LOL".

We DON'T have the ability to stop Assad unless he kill Assad....we don't have a clue where the stockpiles are or how many there are....we simply can't
stop chem. weapons from being used by dropping a few bombs or missiles at a few suspected targets....
Thank the good lord he isn't pres.

LMAO.....why....? Obama is doing exactly what you IMAGINE Romney would have done......

The only thing that is wrong is that Romney would not have wanted to bomb Syria...that is just stupid guessing and wishful thinking along with pinheaded
wild imaginations
Yep. I would say a lot of libs and progressives have a problem with getting involved in Syria, although we also have a problem with the use of chemical weapons.

You seem not to have had a problem with Saddam using chem. weapons....your problem was supporting Bush's victory in eliminating that despot and stopping his
use of wmd that the Dems whined about throughout the previous decade.
we are NOT partaking in a war.

we are bombing the delivery system of a country that has proven it will gas its own people to retain control of a dictatorship.

listen to your self

Did you pinheads now RE-DEFINE the definition of 'war'.....?????.....have you seem the white rabbit on your travels desh....did you get the tea party ?
dude, get serious....they can't even control their own country.....
Syrian war is a proxy war, it is not a civil war as they describe it and want us to believe. They are still in control and have been for 3 years since the war started! Why you think they will act alone or directly if the war takes other shapes and dimensions :)
Syria made the decision to use chemical weapons, they should pay the consequences. The US cannot appear to be weak, we cannot make threats we can't back up.
Syria has a sensitive strategic location, they have many alliances as you do and they have strong military power. They will hit back, they can destroy US bases in the middle east. They can hit Israel and/or open border for Jihadest to hit Israel, etc. Syria has the keys for many hell gates, and I expect if Syria is hit they will open these gates, which the US and many countries want to keep them closed, I personally expect a regional or world war if Syria is hit.

Come at me, bro.