The GOP is looking for a way to bail

I agree. Especially when people are willing to believe so many lies.

It's amusing watching dimwits like you and Winter rail about lies while spewing them.

When did Reagan promise Conservatives the world? He didn't; that's a lie.

Nixon didn't get us into the Vietnam War; he got us OUT of it. But the protesting dimwits on the left lampoon him.

George Bush bungled nothing and was probably the most qualified man for the office in the history of the Presidency; but dimwits are inclined to utter buffoonery with little to back it up.

This country is in a mess right now, not because of anything the Republicans have done, but because of what Democrats are trying to do. And this soon to be worst President in the history of this nation will go down as one of the most divisive, inexperienced, inept failed Presidencies of our time. The shame is that it will taint future better candidates of color for his inept buffoonery perhaps for decades.

But alas, i am talking to brain dead dimwits who only listen to and believe what thier leftist masters want them to believe on a substantless promise of hope and change.