Teenager who killed her pimp in 1994 is set free after Arnie commuted sentence

If the dude was raping her as a child and pimping her out, also while a child, I have no sympathy for the man. Sh killed him and has done her time. She is now free to live her life as best she can.

Anyone who rapes a child is the lowest form on earth.

You don't have to have sympathy for the man to recognize her crime. Or her sentence.
You don't have to have sympathy for the man to recognize her crime. Or her sentence.

She did her time so I'm not seeing what the problem is here.

And yes I do differentiate between what she did and other motives of murder.
How did Arnie set her free? Am I missing something?

Something seems fishy.

Sara Jessimy Kruzan is an American convicted murderer and victim of human trafficking. In 1995, at the age of 17 years, she was convicted of the first-degree murder of her alleged pimp, George Gilbert Howard. She was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

As a result of her status as a convicted juvenile sentenced to life without parole, Kruzan has received national attention from individuals and judicial reform groups, who advocate for a new trial.

On January 2, 2011, as a result of the media attention, Kruzan was granted clemency by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who commuted her sentence to 25 years with the possibility of parole; she remained incarcerated at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla.

In January of 2013, her sentence was reduced to second-degree manslaughter and 15 + 4 years, effectively time served, making her eligible for a parole hearing.

She was found suitable for parole on June 12, 2013, and the decision was forwarded to Gov. Jerry Brown. On October, 25 2013 Gov. Brown took no action on the parole board decision, thereby effectively confirming it, allowing the parole board to proceed with the parole of Kruzan.

Kruzan stated that upon their introduction, he began grooming her for a life of prostitution. She also testified that by the age of 13, she became a victim of human trafficking. Under the control of Howard, she was forced to work as a child prostitute and was subjected to sexual abuse.

Kruzan testified that she had killed Howard because Hamilton had ordered it and had threatened to kill both her and her mother if she did not carry out his orders.

As a result, defense attorney, David Gunn, told the court of information provided to the police by Hamilton.[further explanation needed]

Neither Hamilton nor Otis were charged with the crime due to a lack of legally sufficient corroborating evidence to support Kruzan's statement.


Looks like her assertions of being pimped and having been ordered to kill were never proven, so instead of evidence, the emotions of various Sob Sisters were used to prevail upon the Sperminator (curiously he's reviled by liberals, unless he bends to their bidding).
Ok and it got changed. In this case I have no problem.

Of course you don't.

But setting her free was the stated intent of leftist pressure groups, who successfully lobbied weak RINO Arnie as he left office in disgrace, wasn't it?

On January 2, 2011, as a result of the media attention, Kruzan was granted clemency by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who commuted her sentence to 25 years with the possibility of parole...


Seems that all we have is her assertion that her victim was a pimp, and the irrational willingness to excuse any crime as long as the victim is painted as an abuser of women.
It was on the harsh side, sure. Extenuating circumstances being what they were. But a lawful jury convicted her, and justified it. And it was lawful for all this time, over 15 years. where the outrage then?

What happens to her now? A prostitute who spent 15 years in prison learning the talk and tricks, becoming institutionalized?

And parole was a lawful part of her sentencing.

So what is your problem again?

As for becoming 'institutionalized,' is she different than any other inmate that's been incarcerated for a long period of time? Should they all just stay locked up, on our dime?
Than we agree on one thing.

She is a murderer. If we can charge 13 year olds as adults than a 16 is not out of the question. Hell, its not even unusual.

And? Many murderers are eligible for parole according to their sentencing.
On Thursday May 11, 1995, a Riverside Superior Court jury of seven women and five men found her guilty of first-degree murder, affirming two special circumstances – that Howard was murdered during a robbery, and that Kruzan had been lying in wait to kill him – to justify a sentencing of life, with no possibility of parole.

Kruzan has been the focus of national petitions and judicial reform groups that are advocating for a retrial.

Some campaigning groups have suggested that Kruzan was suffering from Battered Person Syndrome, a physical and psychological condition that often results in victims of abuse murdering their abusers.

The National Center for Youth Law has spoken out against the US for the frequency with which it sentences juveniles to life without parole, with Kruzan often mentioned as an example of the need for greater compassion.

In February 2009, Human Rights Watch published a video on YouTube, which features Kruzan, in an effort to highlight their campaign for a ban on sentences of life without parole for juveniles in California.

In November 2010, change.org began a petition to then-current California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant Kruzan clemency before leaving office.

Democratic Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco stated, "Life without parole means absolutely no opportunity for release. It also means minors are often left without access to programs and rehabilitative services while in prison. This sentence was created for the worst of criminals that have no possibility of reform and it is not a humane way to handle children. While the crimes they committed caused undeniable suffering, these youth offenders are not the worst of the worst.”


Why allow the jurys decision to stand, when Sob Sisters feel the victim deserved to die?
How did Arnie set her free? Am I missing something?

He commuted the original sentence which allowed the possibility of parole, something that has been previously denied to her. I am really appalled with some of the comments on here about this case, she should never have been charged with first degree murder without parole in the first place.
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