Seattle parking lot fight background

Unsuccessful people often over use the crutch of evil rich!
A loser identifier extraordinaire

we get it we get it.

you have YET again flip flopped in what you believe in life.

you could do this shit without even doing the work of typing as much by just saying "Im on team greed today" or " Im going to pretend I am a caring human being today".

it would save us all time
also since real estate totally collapsed in las vegas I bet fair market value will be pretty low. If I can become a state legislator in a decade maybe desh will even have to take a loss. this is going to be awesome.


has anyone ever in your life advised you NOT to talk about things you have no imformation about?

Now I would take market value for my house right now in Vegas do you know why?

If the city came to me and said "hey we need your property so that we can repair some plumbing underneath it and then we need it after that fix to provide free parking for the customers and tourists so the city down town ( my house aint down town though) so that they can thrive.

I would likely hey sure why not.

I don't have nearly as many investments as this old lady does.

she is a child of one of the wealthiest men in the area.

she has fucked with the city before.

shes is a spoiled child.

No wonder you identify with her so strongly