Obama offers grand bargain

Until 12' the Republican agenda was to make it appear as if the economy was terrible and the it was Obama's fault, then set the new Republican President up to take credit for the improvement that they would instantly recognise. President Obama beat back that plan and now the Republicans seem to be moving on from the economy toward the second choice, changing the subject to pretend scandals.

President Obama will go in history as a President who saved the economy and began the march to a long and sustained, albeit slow, period of economic growth, the President who brought us healthcare or as it will always be called Obamacare, the President who led society to acceptance of a broader freedom by forcing the treatment of homosexuals as equals, and as the first black American President.

There will be statues and Monuments to him much like there are to Lincoln and Roosevelt.

President Obama will be seen as one of the greats in the next 20 years. Every town will have an Obama Ave., heck in 50 years they may even add him to Mt. Rushmore. I envision a monument, similar to Jefferson's, in a spot I know of, just opposite of the White House beyond the Washington Monument, creating a diamond if you drew an imaginary line between the Capitol building, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, to the Obama Memorial and back to the Capitol.
no.....they are the earnings of a foreign corporation owned by a multinational headquartered in the US, which have not been paid to the shareholding multinational as dividends......they are not earned until they are paid as dividends.......that's the only way it can be done to avoid paying taxes now.......

In other words....legalized cheating...yeah....I'm against it.
Didn't Reagan raise taxes?

In other words....legalized cheating...yeah....I'm against it.

its nothing more than common sense.....you can't tax it any more than you could the income of a Mexican corporation owned by a Russian businessman.....its simply not money earned in the US....