America is becoming ungovernable: the visceral political hatreds behind the shutdown

um dude,

the divide is closing and your on the losing side.

talking to that picture of lush limpballs in your pocket doesn't count.
Isn't it amusing when low information sheeple who chose a divisive asshat like Obama now whine about his efforts to drive a massive wedge in the nation with his petulant divisive partisan politics.

Another false promise; to heal and bring the nation together. How's that hope and change working for you?

Death to Jews, Irish, Blacks and other socialist minorities, hey? You nutters are making your country totally contemptible, you know. What on earth is the matter with your heads? Somebody shoot you in school?
sad, isn't it? that partisan hacks like you point fingers at the other side while ignoring the 3 pointing back at you.

Funny, isn't it, how the weirdoes suddenly believe in 'balance' when their mad lies bring them into disrepute? They want to destroy democracy and be treated fairly. Americans - don't!