why is it only the nutcase Rs post anymore?

Most on the right have just seemed to vanish

Sick of all the threats and abuse from vile vicious liberals.
All those threats to rape and murder their families appear to be working for libs!!
Vile baby killers and paedos.
then why stay in their ranks?

they know they are supporting failed ideas and cant defend them with facts.

so only the nutters who don't like facts say anything anymore.
They left for the safety of their children.
Due to the threat of liberals raping them.
Liberals rape children if their parents are conservative.
It's official policy!
What the liberal paedophiles are saying is its ok for them to threaten kids but the victims must remain silent!!
Or be accused of hate!!
Folks like Cawacko, WB, Grind and Threedee, the sane R's on here, have always denounced the nutcases. Although Billy can rise up against the nuts, he's just as nuts as them so he doesn't count.
Howey spreading my personal info again?
Numb fuck!!
I sold the business 3 weeks ago and you still posting the address!!
Only thing is....I'm not a Conservative. I'm a slightly left of Center Democrat.

Oh, damn, SP - you really reduced the percentage of "not batshit crazy conservatives" with that one... did you want to pretend to be one just to give their numbers a boost?