why does the right here refuse to discuss the R cheating?


This is a legitimate thread about FACTS.

please discuss this issue and quit pretending it doesn't exist
The court records are clear.

the evidence is mountainous.

why do you pretend its not real?
just one recent case.

Now funny that all these [people on here who say " Im not a republican" NEVER want to talk about republican cheating in elections.

gee guys why protect a party you don't like ?

because your all lying about your loyalty to the republican party even to yourselves
and NOT one person willing to face these facts.

now you know why your party has to cheat to win.
"She doesn't get the fact that no one is ignoring what she keeps complaining about; but instead are ignoring her. "

hey freedom 911

note he wouldn't even admit what the subject was.

its called your party cheats to win elections.

freedom911:But it was just "your a poopy pants" that is why I refuse facts.

You cant face these facts and retain the false view you have of this country.

that is why you hate me
Top Democrats are aggressively pushing the claim that Republicans’ worries about voter fraud are an insincere excuse to suppress voting by African-Americans and Hispanics.

But former Alabama Democratic Rep. Artur Davis told The Daily Caller that anti-fraud measures are needed to protect African-Americans from corrupt political bosses — many of them African-Americans themselves — who run Democratic Party machines in the South.

On Nov. 14, progressive Democratic Reps. John Conyers, Steny Hoyer, Jerrold Nadler, Keith Ellison, Steve Cohen, Marcia Fudge and Emanuel Clearer, the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus — along with representatives from several advocacy groups — held a meeting to complain about what they say is the danger posed by laws that require voters to identify themselves.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/11/21/d...y-bosses-use-voter-fraud-video/#ixzz2j2eYWIbt

Davis seconded the nomination of Obama for president in 2008 but changed to the Republican Party in 2012....
tell me why the republican THIS YEAR tried to get the scotus to help them out of the mess they put themselves in and got turned down by the right wing leaning scotus your cheating created?