Why do liberals support her?

Why do liberals support her?

  • Because she's a woman

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  • Because she's married to Bill

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  • Because they think conservatives fear her

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  • All of the above

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Big Money

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I need to hear her position on pot
And slashing the dog shit out of the redneck military budget
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I don't necessary support her, but I likely will.

She is probably the most qualified candidate ever for the position. She has some great ideas about the direction the country should be going. Her number one advisor was able to govern this nation into a great economy and elimination of the deficit.

Personally I do not think she is liberal enough, but the likelihood of having her appoint the next three supreme court justices would probable ensure my support. I suspect President Obama will get one more S. Ct. Appointment, but if he does not... the next president will very likely get 3. I don't want that to be Jeb Bush.
Awesome, Dems say they support her, but can't list a single accomplishment of hers that doesn't include the words "woman" or "First Lady"...