Why are leftists all of a sudden interested in McDonalds wages?


I got to thinking. Why all of a sudden to leftists care about the wages of McDonalds workers? I mean it isn't like it is new that McDonald's is a low paying job. I mean it was a place for teenagers to start out and earn some money and gain valuable job experience like dealing with other people, showing up on time, learning how to handle money (all things leftists eschew).

So what is this new found interest by the leftists? Did they just wake up one day and realize that McDonald's employees aren't making $50,000 a year? Was this a sudden shock to leftists?

No, they have always known.

So what could it be? Could it be that union membership is taking a dangerous tumble and the union shit for brains are scared? I think so. They are angling for more union members to suck dry so they can keep their money laundering scheme for the democrat party going.

That is what this is all about. Always follow the money. Nothing from leftists ever happens by accident.

Remember, the whole Sandra Fuck War on Women meme started with a carefully planted question by little Georgey Stephey Stephanopolous during on the the primary debates when he asked about banning birth control pills.

Leftists are always plotting and the GOP never realizes it until it is too late.
You hit the nail on the head.....

The service industry in the only one left to go after, the unions chased out the manufacturing jobs overseas, no one else to bleed dry.