APP - Who Are the Long Term Unemployed?


It's sad that those who've given the most are kicked to the curb by employers.

IMO the reason why this is happening is obvious: Older workers are laid off because they have tenure and make more money. The employer then hires younger workers at a lower wage, not giving a damn about the employee who's given so much to the company over the years.

Why can't they find a job? Age, another tried and true American; like racial, sexual, and gender discrimination, tradition that needs to go.

The onus for their unemployability sets squarely in the hands of the former employer.

But just who are the long-term unemployed? Well, that's the question Josh Mitchell of the Urban Institute looked at, and the answer is at once reassuring and terrifying. It turns out the long-term unemployed aren't much different from the other unemployed -- with two exceptions. They're just as educated (if not more so). And they're pretty much the same racially. But they're older. And they're unemployed, because they lost their last job -- and no, that's not as tautological as it sounds.