News from The Associated Press

What a relief. The leeches can continue sucking off of their fellow citizens.

The interesting thing is that Xerox now has a financial interest in expanding the welfare system. Isn't that cool how gobblement did that?

I think I will dig into Xerox's 10k and find out how much revenue they make off of welfare.

That will be fun to share with the left wingers,
It's all good, the Dude was able to re-stock his FEMA trailer with munchies and Visine last night.

It is hilarious. Liberals constantly complain about corporations "this" and corporations "that". But, they just look the other way at this type of crony capitalism because the gobblement is using a corporation to further its statist goals.

People always squawk about socialism overtaking this country. I disagree. I think it is more fascism