APP - Where's the logic?

Big Money

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The "logic" is obvious.
The boundaries of political science have now been far surpassed in this country.
The otherwise mindless masses are now well aware of the effing they have received at the hands of their elected officials as well as their corporate masters.
The French Revolution is still a recent memory for the descendants of the 1% survivors of said event, those who rule us to this day.
They are scared shitless, hopelessly outnumbered against an ever increasingly aware citizenry and trying (too late) to even the odds for their survival.

The GOP, in their desperate but hopeless attempt to stay relevant has been pushing for gun rights for citizens, (thank god for the lunacy of the far right) to the salvation of the general public.
What they all fail to realize is that all of these modern weapons have been privately blueprinted and can be reproduced on one relatively cheap machine tool (or several even more common and cheap tools if time is not of the essence) and that said simple hobby-machine shops are located in every single town in the entire country.
That combined with the well over 300 million weapons already in private hands as well as the fact that every single gun factory in the world is working 3 shifts (24 hours a day) to supply the US market (thanks for electing Obama, dupes) means that their concerns are well founded.

A perfect example of this fear is Michelle Bachmon's recent foray into dual citizenship, which she only renounced due to concerns over re-election (meaningless, since as the spouse of a Swiss citizen she would be granted admission regardless.
Most significant of all of this factoid of course, is the fact that the eminently safe and low crime country of Switzerland has MANDATORY GUN OWNERSHIP BY IT'S CIVILIANS. LOL

Great topic, sir. Thank you very much.