Where did all the liberals go


The forum seems to be uncomfortably silent, from the liberal side,
What with all the confidence that Zimmerman would be found guilty and their desire to see him raped in prison, I would think they would be here showing their support for the Judicial system.

Unless they are attending a slew of pity parties, where they can stand around and moan how they were cheated.

Just think how civil the debates could have been, if the liberals hadn't immediately decided that Zimmerman was guilty; just because Trayvon was black.
I gotta say I can think of a lot of better places to be on a Saturday night than the JPP board.
Yet....you're here....lol....J/K

I'm at work watching a guy sleep....I really don't have anything better to do

LOL, you are correct! I was so hung over today I spent most of it in bed. What a waste of a day. I'm too old for this sh*t.
doesn't matter. I know I am with them in spirit. There is no doubt in my mind many liberals are thinking in their minds right now "sigh, I can't imagine what grind is saying right now"