when 'we the people' speak

A group of 160 citizens, many if not most of whom were armed, confronted government officials Tuesday who had attempted to have a wounded Army veteran kicked out of a meeting due to the fact that he carried a gun. The veteran has a state license for concealed carry, which means that he was carrying the gun to the meeting within the boundaries of the law.

The story of the incident, which occurred at a city council meeting in Oak Harbor, Wash., made national news three weeks ago.

But Tuesday evening the citizens of Oak Harbor, Wash. showed up to confront its city council and demand that the council rescind a local ordinance prohibiting guns from being carried on public property. The citizens also wished to show their support for Lucas Yonkman, the Army veteran who showed up at the previous meeting armed.

One citizen told the council that if the fact that citizens who are merely exercising their right to keep and bear arms intimidates city officials, then they need to look within to determine why the rights of the people are so intimidating to them.

Another citizen addressed the council and stated that his mother was a Jew and that his parents had died in Hitler's gas chambers. "I will not go into the night quietly while these two ask me to board the train," he said.

The man was carrying an M-1 rifle on his shoulder.

Lucas Yonkman, the wounded Army veteran whom the council wished to kick out of the previous meeting, also addressed the gathering:

"I come to you tonight with a heavy heart," Yonkman said. "I see a beautiful country divided and conflicted. I see a constitution being eroded, and the rights so many have fought and died for totally lost. I see men and woman who are elected leaders pushing personal agendas."

Apparently the display of force by the citizens and the passion with which they spoke of their Constitutional rights paid off. The council voted to remove the ban on guns in public parks and other public areas.

One gun rights activist who became aware of the incident today stated that perhaps the show of force by the citizens of Oak Harbor needs to be replayed over and over again in towns and cities across America, even Washington, D.C.

"Government entities need to know that the 100 million citizens who own 300 million guns are not going to back down and that we will hammer them every chance we get to prove our resolve," he said