when democrats lose elections.......


ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Days after a Republican was elected mayor of Annapolis, City Council members say they will revisit legislation that would strip the mayor’s office of much of its power.

Democratic Alderman Ross Arnett of Ward 8 tells The Capital he will introduce a charter amendment to move Annapolis to a council-manager style of government. The city manager would report directly to the City Council, not the mayor.

Under Arnett’s legislation, the mayor’s post would be largely ceremonial. The mayor would retain a single vote on the council. Arnett says the change would stabilize the city’s management.

If the measure is approved, it would mean the Democratic-dominated council would be removing the powers of the first Republican mayor elected since 1997.
democrats really really realllly hate to lose. they are always used to getting their way.
I wasn't exactly aware that the GOP liked losing?

They did the exact opposite where I live. A few years back a Democrat was elected Mayor so they changed the city charter so that the city council, dominated by Republicans, elects the Mayor. Though the Mayor here in Dublin is definately not a figure head.

So cry crocodile tears for them poor, poor Republicans for me.