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What Virginians know and appear to like!

They voted for Obama in the last election and I bet will vote for Secretary Clinton in the next.
Id label your two photos, VIRGINIA's "Past, Present, and Future!"
Evading my line of questioning again, Counselor?

Yes, Im just not smart enough for you OR it could be that I did not feel like taking the time to explain that we call former Secretaries of State by the title until or unless they attain a higher position. Retired presidents are still called President, like "President Ford", or "President Bush". Retired S of S are called "Secretary Rice" or "Secretary Christopher". The proper salutation prior to Secretary Clinton being S of S, was Senator Clinton, and before that was First Lady Clinton, and before she was First Lady it was Mrs. Clinton.

When Secretary Clinton becomes President Clinton she will no longer be called Secretary Clinton. When both the current President and a past president are in the same room its proper to refer to the prior President as "Former President". So when Secretary Clinton is President and she and Bill walk into a room together they will announce them as, "President Clinton and former President Clinton"
The proper salutation prior to Secretary Clinton being S of S, was Senator Clinton, and before that was First Lady Clinton, and before she was First Lady it was Mrs. Clinton.

LOL, do any of your cases actually go to trial, Counselor? Your presentations must be a joy to behold....

The term "First Lady" has not traditionally used as an honorific in direct address with First Ladies of the United States.
[INTERESTING NOTE: "First Lady" is traditionally used as an honorific for the wife of the pastor in many African-American congregations, but that is not the tradition for the spouse of The President.] Most formally Michelle Obama is addressed in conversation as Mrs. Obama.


Think the voters will back the superannuated Beast of Benghazi if she runs and wins the nomination?
I hope she will go by her compound name, President Rodham-Clinton, as she was called when I knew her, but she dropped that many years ago.
Speaking of "compounds", what happened in Benghazi?

The embassy was attacked and people were killed, the Republicans jumped on it because there was an election going on and they were losing. President Obama continued to pull away from his opponent the more Romney tried to use this for political gain.

Now the Radical rabid right wont let it go because its all they have on the most likely successor to President Obama. I suspect it will harm them as much as it harmed Romney if they choose to keep it up. I feel fairly sure the Republican nominee will be smart enough to not bring it up unless he is faced with losing and feels its his only shot to lob this hail Mary at Secretary Clinton. If he does that, once again it wont stick and the Republican will go down in flames more so than he was already going to... Much like Romney did.
I like to watch this when the Republicans are dumb enough to keep bringing up Benghazi again and again...

Hillary and Bill Clinton are gearing up for a 2016 presidential run, and Tuesday's election for Virginia Governor is a preview of coming attractions.

Terry McAuliffe, Bill and Hill's longtime friend and financial impresario, is leading Republican Ken Cuccinelli despite a federal probe of one of his businesses.

For aficionados of the 1990s, the story includes the familiar cast of Clinton characters leveraging connections for political favors.

The focus is GreenTech Automotive, which was supposed to produce electric vehicles.

McAuliffe launched GreenTech in 2009, looking to burnish his business credentials in anticipation of a second Virginia run (he lost a primary in 2009).

In its hunt for cash, GreenTech turned to the federal government's EB-5 program, which provides visas to foreigners who invest at least $500,000 to create U.S. jobs.

GreenTech's use of EB-5 first raised red flags in 2009 as part of its application for Virginia state incentives to build a manufacturing plant.

The state development agency refused, with one agency official writing in an email to colleagues that she couldn't view GreenTech's EB-5 program as anything other than "a visa-for-sale scheme with potential national security implications."

McAuliffe turned to Mississippi, where he landed $5 million in state incentives to build a factory on the promise of creating 350 jobs by 2014 and producing thousands of cars.

McAuliffe's business partner, GreenTech co-founder Charles Wang, got another of his companies, Gulf Coast Funds Management, certified as a regional center for EB-5 visas for Mississippi and Louisiana.

Wang installed as CEO of Gulf Coast none other than Hillary Clinton's younger brother, Anthony Rodham.

Gulf Coast's board includes several Democratic Party notables, such as former Clinton IRS Commissioner Margaret Richardson and former Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco.

While Gulf Coast exists to direct EB-5 investments to startups across its entire "region," to date its website lists one project: GreenTech.

McAuliffe and Co. then began leveraging political connections to accelerate the visa process.

The Washington Post has reported that government documents show that McAuliffe, Rodham and others at GreenTech and Gulf Coast had a dozen email and telephone conversations with senior officials at the Department of Homeland Security, including director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Alejandro Mayorkas.

You may remember Mr. Mayorkas.

In the final days of the Clinton Administration, while working as a U.S. prosecutor in California, he called the Clinton White House to seek an early prison release for convicted cocaine trafficker Carlos Vignali.

Mayorkas called at the request of Vignali's father, a prominent Democratic donor, who had also paid Hugh Rodham (Mrs. Clinton's other brother) $200,000 to lobby for the commutation.

Clinton granted clemency on his last day in office.

McAuliffe met personally with Mayorkas, reached out directly to (now former) Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and contacted Napolitano's chief of staff Noah Kroloff, according to testimony and publicly released documents and emails.

He was clearly heard.

DHS Assistant Secretary Doug Smith sent a February 2013 email to Mr. Kroloff: "Any way you can kick into gear? If this doesn't get resolved by today, the plant will have to shut down and lay off 100 people on Monday."

It isn't clear what DHS did on GreenTech's behalf, but a GreenTech prospectus in March said the company had received about $46 million from EB-5 investors.

The Associated Press reported in July that the DHS inspector general has launched a preliminary investigation into whether Mayorkas improperly helped GreenTech.

Senator Chuck Grassley says he has documents showing Mayorkas bypassed normal security checks to accelerate visa approvals.

Several DHS officials have requested whistleblower status to report that DHS officials gave preferential visa treatment to companies like McAuliffe's.

The Washington Post reported in August that one Chinese national who applied for a visa through Gulf Coast is an executive at Huawei Technologies, the telecom company that the House Intelligence Committee says poses a threat to U.S. security.

The Post also reported that the SEC has subpoenaed GreenTech and Gulf Coast documents as part of a separate investigation into solicitation of foreign investors.

Meanwhile, GreenTech's Mississippi site sits largely vacant, with a mere 80 employees and nary a car produced.

DHS, GreenTech and Gulf Coast officials have all publicly denied any wrongdoing.

Obama has nominated Mayorkas for the number two post at DHS, and at his July confirmation hearing he said he did not give special treatment to GreenTech.

McAuliffe, who resigned from GreenTech last December (though he remains the largest investor), wrote in the Washington Post in August that investigators had not contacted him.

All of which will sound familiar to anyone old enough to recall the ethical follies of 1990s: the insider political deals, the dubious pardons, the stonewalling, and the denials that proved to be false after the election.

If McAuliffe wins on Tuesday, the Clinton Show will officially be back in town.