"What happened when my son wore a pink headband to WalMart"/part deux

I call BS and doubt that the article has even an iota of honesty in it.

Is there any evidence it really happened?

The lib-mom who made the story has this to say: "I also wanted to say thank you to everyone (and there were a LOT of you) who advised me to contact WalMart for the CCTV footage and the police to press charges.

I most likely won’t be doing that. I would like to explain why."


I can think of a reason why....

Anyway, the really funny thing is that Rune, Tekkybitch's lap dog says it's a fact beyond debate babies are born homo, so he disagrees with Tekkybitch I guess.
Like I said, BS.
She won't contact the police; but she'll start a blog about it.


10 to 1, is that she doesn't even have kids.
You two retards calling me a dumbfuck is funny. Your combined IQs is less than mine. Idiots.
Dumbfuck Rune also says it's a fact beyond dispute that some kids are born homos, which contradicts the story Tekkybitch is trying to pass off as real.