What Exactly is a "Reasonable" Republican to the Left?

Boris The Animal

It's Just Boris!
A Republican who kowtows and caves in to Democrats at every turn, agrees with their agenda 100% of the time, and denounces Conservatives who even DARE to oppose the Democrat agenda.
Take a look at the top 20 dems and republicans financial statements.
They are way more alike than the rhetoric they feed you fools in the bases of each party.
Take a look at the top 20 dems and republicans financial statements.
They are way more alike than the rhetoric they feed you fools in the bases of each party.

Holy shit! Two whole sentences, rational and correct to boot. My congrats to the Dude.
well OP how about one that admits the reams of court documentation of your partys filthly cheating in elections for decades

this is how your party rocks the vote

2002 New Hampshire Senate election phone jamming scandal

The 2002 New Hampshire Senate election phone jamming scandal involves the use of a telemarketing firm hired by that state's Republican Party (NHGOP) for election tampering. The tampering involved using a call center to jam the phone lines of a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) operation. In the end, 900 calls were made for 45 minutes of disruption to the Democratic-leaning call centers.

During that state's 2002 election for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Robert C. Smith, the NHGOP hired GOP Marketplace, based in Northern Virginia, to jam another phone bank being used by the state Democratic Party and the firefighters' union for efforts to turn out voters on behalf of then-governor Jeanne Shaheen on Election Day. John E. Sununu, the Republican candidate, won a narrow victory. In addition to criminal prosecutions, disclosures in the case have come from a civil suit filed by the state's Democratic Party against the state's Republican Party (now settled).

Four men have been convicted of, or pled guilty to, federal crimes and sentenced to prison for their involvement as of 2008. One conviction has been reversed by an appeals court, a decision prosecutors are appealing. James Tobin, freed on appeal, was later indicted on charges of lying to the FBI during the original investigation.

You know shit like this court documented proof of your shitheels cheating hearts

U.S. Judge Opposes Republicans On Elections


Published: December 3, 2009

The Republican National Committee will not be able to use election tactics that have been linked to suppression of voting by racial minorities without court supervision, a federal judge in New Jersey has ruled.

and this court documented proof

I have yet to meet one righty who admits to these truths

no one who cheats and then lies and denies the obvious proof they are cheating shitheels is reasonable.

Not one republican or even libertarian or what ever the hell you calls your elves to distance you from your only power source.

the republican party
I guess they do shoot traitors.

I don't want any of you shot.

I want you in prison where you belong if you continue to cheat in elections
the question in the OP is a loaded rhetorical one so let me say that what people on ONE side think of people on the OTHER side is really irrelevant. The only thing that matters is what people in the MIDDLE think is more preferable to them. If the the republicans like Boris want to prevail, all they have to do is present their case to the electorate, and if more of the voters - the vast majority of whom live squarely in the middle, by the way - buy THEIR approach and concepts than by MY SIDE's approaches and concepts, then he WINS... and the GOP gets to call the shots and set the direction. If not, Boris, lick your wounds, figure out a better sales pitch, or get a more effective sales team, and try again next time. If the GOP becomes a totally irrelevant party, it will be self inflicted.
but maine man that is why they cheat.

they aready got their heave ho from the people when they touted their ideas
What on earth is 'the Left' to American Extremist nutters, since the whole world is more educated, more intelligent, more tolerant and more decent than they?
I want to crush liberals like the bugs that they are

crush us in the marketplace of ideas, then... the election booth is the checkout counter... see if you can bury us with votes. See if you can sell your product to the majority of Americans and actually win a national election again.