What do you think will happen to US-Arab world relations?


A savvy chunk of blubber
I think it is close to being done for - beside in countries like the UAE, Lebanon and Israel. The Arab world is starting to revolt against their oppression and they're showing signs of "not wanting to be bothered by foreign cultural influences" AKA westerners. I think the Muslim Brotherhood are most afraid of widespread westernization -- which will most definitely happen in a matter of years. I don't know though, they are reversing in many ways. Look at Egypt, they are moving forward, and backwards. Then again, the US really shouldn't be interfering with many of these 3rd world underdeveloped countries, it is none of our business. We've already insighted many wars because of our interfering and feeling that we are the world police. There are a few Arab countries which are not 3rd world though. I think that the future is a crucial scare for many, too many revolutions are happening all at once. In a way, it looks like a Vietnam is being pulled; but not in one singular country - many. There are too many civil wars occurring too in many of the Arab countries, and during those situations; you never interfere or finagle. Even if it means going to war, it'll be Korea all over again and we will never get out and the economy will fall once again. I think this is a global warning that civilization is starting to change, it is a wake-up call.