Under Obama, 41% of US women face poverty, study says

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Washington advocacy group Wider Opportunities for Women says 41 percent of all U.S. women face a degree of poverty.

Often just a layoff or illness away from facing economic struggles, the group says this financial insecurity has increased since 2008.

Statistically, women in America are more likely to be poor than men in all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

With over 37 million people living in poverty, over half of them are adult single women.

Surprisingly so, women in the U.S. are further behind in comparison to women in other areas of the world.

In a report entitled Living Below the Line: Economic Insecurity and America’s Families, lead authors Shawn McMahon and Jessica Horning found that 45 percent of American families live on incomes that fail to provide the basic economic security required to support their basic needs.

In just four years, the overall financial insecurity rate rose from 38 percent to 45 percent with an increase in poverty of White children and unmarried couples. Children of color were also found at risk of economic security with more than three-quarters of Black children and three-quarters of Hispanic children facing poverty in their households.

I see signs of an improving economy here in Connecticut. Job listings are up ~500% over this time last year.
Can you imagine the fem poutrage from our liberal Sob Sisters if this data applied to a Republicans' term of office?

Wouldn't they be shrieking like harpies whose tampon strings had been set on fire?

Yet because the current inhabitant of the Oval Office has a "D" after his name...there's no injustice, and we have peace.