This is why there WILL be drones


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Useful things like this make drones inevitable. All we hope is some kind of controls will be put on them.

Fire crews battling a record-breaking blaze near Yosemite National Park added a California National Guard Predator drone to their arsenal Wednesday to give them real-time views of the flames that have scorched over 300 square miles.
The MQ-1 unmanned aircraft being remotely piloted hundreds of miles away quickly alerted fire bosses to a new flare-up they otherwise wouldn't have immediately seen.
"This morning it's allowed us to see a spot fire," said Mike Wilkins, commander of forces at the Rim Fire.
no problem with legitimate drone uses. A friend that works as a building inspector for Disney, is going to use them for roof inspections.

It's the invasive drones, that watch without any singular purpose - constituting (IMHO) a "general warrant" such as the NSA does that I find problematic