This is so idiotic only a liberal thinks it makes sense



So OBUMMER is having such a temper tantrum that he is trying to close the ocean? And they are going to pay people to enforce the ban? Where are they getting money to enforce the ban?

People should exercise their freedoms and employ civil disobedience. They should create a mass demonstration and all put their boats in the water at the same time. Force OBUMMER and his goons to back down.

The GOP could be making serious headway with this kind of stuff showing OBUMMER for the petulant, affirmative action, token negro he is.
Relax, the longer it stays shut down the more the Republicans are going to be damaged. And for what? They are even asking themselves now. There's little doubt that Obamacare is here to stay!

Truth is, Obama could never admit it but this shutdown has played right into his hands. Silly baggers, they've now cut their own throats.