This is how Obama got elected

No surprise there. This is also why we don't have Governor Carl Paladino in New York State. Voters are dumb as a sack of gravel.
For the past few weeks, I have been speculating on how the hell Obama could of won if he only got 38% of the white vote.
You shouldn't have been fretting about it for so long! If it's important to you then you can crunch the numbers and get the totals for other groups that will be just as accurate as your 38%. And then if you found he won fairly would that spoil if for you?

If so then you could always fall back on him being an Ethiopian and that would make him illegitimate.

Look, he's a black man who made it to president and that doesn't make him uppity in this 21st. century. The racist swine who hate him have to get over it for at least another 3 years.
gee is this a convention of the idiots here in this thread.

Sorry I accidentally clicked on your idiot convention.