The true cost of college and reasons for it

Let me pay for "for profit schools, hospitals ans even.our prison system. Of it was mandated that essential services could mot be for profit, it would save the taxpayers. Trillions.

I see. That's a rather revolutionary idea. Housing, food, health care, etc., provided for the needs of the people, by a not-for-profit entity. Has this ever been tried before? What were the results?
Price controls never work. No really, they don't. They've been utiliised for centuries. Since Rome, actually. They don't check inflation, they only create shortages, rationing, declines in quality, black markets, and terrible economic distortions, etc.

We'll see shortages of what, exactly?
So we need to have the government gouge us first through taxation, filter that gouged money through a government bureaucracy, and then have it go to the for profit businesses?

How exactly is that going to lower costs?

And for the record; the government already taxes my home, my utilities, my car and the gasoline in it. And my employer provided health care is next up to bat for them.

Far from reducing costs, this government intervention has increased costs.

Can you explain your vision a little further?
The guaranteed fed loans have basically allowed universities to charge whatever they want.

And it's true that colleges are competing w/ each other on amenities now - where college used to be pretty no-frills, kids now make decisions based on who has the best gym, services, dorms, etc.

Still, the worst thing in my mind is that the fed gov't makes literally hundreds of billions of dollars in profit off of student loans.