The sound of THUD was heard as republicans realize Ryan was just playing with numbers



House abandons efforts to pass infrastructure spending bill before recess

The bill cuts $7.7 billion from current funding levels, in part by eliminating all funding for high-speed rail and other infrastructure projects. Democrats oppose the bill, so it would require majority backing from the GOP to pass.

The Democratically led Senate, meanwhile, is considering a separate THUD bill this week and will bring it to the floor for a key procedural vote on Thursday
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so lets get this straight.

they cut huge parts of the infrastructure spending?

How can you create a future for this country if you don't build and repair as needed.

Im telling you people they are trying to destroy this country from the inside.

They want us dependent on foreign oil FOREVER



this is a win win win win situation.

You create jobs and upgrade and repair your best method of making the future economy run smoothly.

How did the republican party get so fucked in the head that they NOW refuse to at least keep our country able to move.

how can you minions support this?