The solution to the Syrian problem


This is what will solve the problem with Syria.

Obama should get a Coalition's of military forces and then conduct an aerial bombardment to clear the way for a ground assault.
This will clear the way for the Coalition troops to find and destroy the gas weapons that are being used.

Then the United Nations Security Council can pass a Resolution.
Part of the Resolution will be for him to unconditionally remove and destroy all chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missiles with a range greater than 150km.
There will also be sanctions imposed; but they will not apply to foodstuffs or medical aid to the civilian populations of Syria. However, sales of weapons and other related material to Syria will continue to be prohibited.
There will also be a No Fly Zone created, that will prevent possible bombing and chemical attacks against the Syrian population.

This Resolution will be in affect, for 12 years; during which liberals can wail and complain about how the resolutions are killing children.
During those 12 years, Bashar Hafez al-Assad will still be able to terrorize the Syrian population; as long as he does not violate the spirit of the sanctions.

After the 12 years are finished and Bashar Hafez al-Assad has committed numerous crimes against the people of Syria, we can then enter Syria and remove him.