The Republican Party = the tea party. Basically.


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From the article:

""Now, all of this comes with one giant caveat that we think is worth emphasizing.

And that is this: As much as people think today’s GOP is too conservative, basically the same number see today’s Democratic Party as too liberal. While 43 percent see the Republican Party as too conservative, slightly more (46 percent) say the Democratic Party is too liberal.

So as much as the tea party may have made the GOP objectionable to a large swath of Americans, the Democratic Party has political extremism issues of its own — even without a tea party-esque movement in its ranks.""

For those who consider themselves in the middle politically it looks like you are S.O.O.L. You of course can vote for the candidates you view as more moderate from either party but it seems neither party as a whole would necessarily appeal to you.