The racebaiters will pursue George Zimmerman to his grave

Will George Zimmerman survive long?

  • Yes, but he will be a pariah

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Legion Troll

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Zimmerman will probably end up in prison for his next crime. Psychopaths like him can't help themselves.

You know Kenneth...maybe I have a softer line on this than you....I do think Zimmerman is culpable for the death of Martin. I don't however feel that he is a monster. I think he was an overzealous NW guy. I heard something from a co-worker that I had never heard before....and.I.didn't fact check it, so I don't know if it's true.

That George was kind of a "self appointed" NW guy....which if true, makes you wonder what kind of training he had as to his duties, responsibilities and limitations.

I won't think the guy deserves to die. I wish he would have gotten the lesser charge of manslaughter...but my mama always told me...."wish in one hand and shit in the other and tell me which one gets filled faster."....

Mama always had a way of explaining thing So's I could understand- Forrest Gump