The NFLs war on women


Some of you may not know, but the NFL has recently instituted bans on the types of bags allowed inside NFL stadiums for the upcoming year. Obviously, women, blacks and the elderly are going to be disproportionately impacted by this short sighted policy.

Please watch this brief video and speak out. Let your voices be heard. This can't stand. Where will it stop if you don't take a stand now?

I thought this thread was going to be about Andrew Luck accidently hitting Pam Oliver with a pass last night.

They both look like 10 year NFL veterans. Especially the one on the left .. had to be a lineman ... ahhh ... line person.
I so hate that shit. They a pussifying a once great game. Like we need any more awareness about breast cancer. Is there anyone who doesn't know about it?

The NFL is an 8 billion dollar plus annual industry. They could easily chip in the mil they say they get with their pretty in pink month long gala every year instead of getting it off the fans. There's PC politics involved with this heavily, boob politics. If you don't like it then of course you're accused of hating women and you want them all to die of breast cancer.

I noticed though, all the players don't dress pretty in pink. The ones that do especially the linemen and the linebackers look ridicules.

This is how "the sisterhood" gets in your face anyway involving themselves in a sport they cannot possibly play.