The Left VS O-BOMB-YA?

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The debate over whether to intervene militarily in Syria is the final break in a long-splintering relationship between Obama and the antiwar movement.

Antiwar activists played an important role in the president’s 2008 campaign, helping Obama defeat Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primary and Republican nominee John McCain in the general election.

But five years later, a broad coalition of liberal groups that make up the antiwar movement is more likely to oppose the president on foreign policy.

And with Syria, they successfully pressured Democrats on Capitol Hill to defy Obama, weakening him the process.
I've said from the beginning, the hate for Obama serves a very useful purpose. It just could be the factor that saves the world from another US led war in the ME.

Who gives a fuck about the phoniness that motivates the political right?

Alas, soon it will be the right that is pushing for war more than Obama currently is. He's already being criticized by the hawks for his weakness on his red line.

Same old, same old.
The Right Wing does and can not think differently from their leader. If anyone in their party thinks a little differently they get shunned. They are forced to stay stupid. If someone gets the courage to take a small stand against the standards of their party they get treated like a weakness to the party and practically kicked out.

I've seen the Left think past party lines more than the Right. It's a good thing. But the Right will sell this as "Oh! Look at that! Some of them don't agree on the same thing! Can't they get their shit together?!?" It's better to be a free thinker than in a cult.
Keep the honesty and intelligent comments coming but oh do please get rid of that silly fucking avatar that makes you look like a wannabe ninja.