The It's Its There Their They're Quiz

This "test" is a great way to discern who is a borderline retard, who is a moron, an imbecile, and an idiot. You know, score your 50-69 IQ moron, as opposed to your 20-49 imbecile, and so on. My guess is only USF will ace this and go 0 for 10 confirming his idiot status.

It in no way sorts the men from the boys. It's barely a grammar test. It's a joke. It's the kind of "test" that makes a borderline mental deficient in the 70-80 IQ range feel very smart. I bet you felt really smart taking this Tom.
I see the first catch of the day is Darla, I daresay she has posted something derogatory though.

Oh yes, you can only guess at what I might have said since you have me on ignore.

Except that you can't groan the posts of those you have on ignore. Which you were doing even yesterday. Proving that you are both stupid, and a liar. :)
It's/its and there/their/they're doesn't bother me as much as loose/lose

You're pants are loose. You lose the game.
You got 10/10 questions correct.

It's pretty obvious that you don't make basic grammatical errors.
If anything, you're annoyed when people make simple mistakes on their blogs.
As far as people with bad grammar go, you know they're only human.
And it's humanity and its current condition that truly disturb you sometimes.
The thing is...I don't normally point out people's grammatical or spelling mistakes.....the loose/lose thing bothers me...but I rarely ever say anything......

Ps....I also think pwned is stupid. But, that's Internet culture for ya. The dumbest shit catches on.