The Hillary Movie, who will portray Monica Lewinsky


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I also want to know who will portray the dead Ron Brown? Also, will the movie have WhiteWaterGate and BenGhaziGate in it? What about The Hillary's right hand man, Huma Weiner, we need an actress with thick skin, and a naive look to do her, no pun intended. There was always talk about The Hillary being a Lesbian, will that come out in the movie? She cussed out Obama during one of her well documented temper tantrums during the Primaries, will that come out? Her brother was a crook, will that come out? Who will portray Susan and Jim McDougle who suddenly died in prison while in solitary confinement, for not eating, before he could talk to Congress, he was afraid of being poisoned. Will TravelGate be explained in the new movie?