the current republican base explained

the second line silly "the corporatists have USED this voting base to thwart the people with lies"

That is a broad statement silly. What voting base have these corporate Titans used to "thwart the will of the people"? If your candidate or issue looses at the ballot box,then obviously the candidate or issue lost by the "will of the people".
How? The country has moved forward substantially since the Civil war, in all areas.

Yes - the Republican Party has turned racist, and the cops can shoot 'black' people quite easily since they don't belong to any rich rapist who might complain.
Yes - the Republican Party has turned racist, and the cops can shoot 'black' people quite easily since they don't belong to any rich rapist who might complain.

More idiot statements from the Sheep Shagger.
the current republican base explained

please forgive our brain addled family members.

they were raised on a steady diet of "step on the other guys head to get ahead" by the deep scars left in their areas due to racism.

You see the MASTERS of the slaves KNEW deep in their tiny hearts that slavery was VERY VERY bad.

To rationalize it to their children they told them stories about the black people.

the children were not very bright children as you might imagine and they bought lock stock and barrel all the lies of rationalization of the evil so they could continue to OWN people and FORCE them to do all the things these fat unhappy and lazy children would never be willing to do to get ahead.

so the inbred, stupid, lazy white progeny of these EVIL men who even they had to rationalize slavery to to keep from blowing their own brains out became leaders in the south.

the people we talk to here and the base of this current republican party is the base that has always existed its just no politician was willing to court them after a certain time in history.

Ronny Rayguns formulated a plan.

he decided his wealthy fuck party would likely never again win an election until they found some really fucking stupid people he could play like putty.

Now Nixon did the southern strategy and he could double down on that and go in and tell the people that were so stupid that they didn't even care about voting that they were smart and cool and really so much better than all other Americans.


like the idiots they are they bought right into it and started voting for any stinking lie the republican party could think up for them.

Now the fact that these people are so stupid and plyable means someone else can hijack them.

and there you have the money grubbers who know how to play these people for a dime.

The Palins and the cruzs of this world just cut out the middle man.

They don't need the wealthy people paying them to ruin the country JUST ENOUGH for the wealthy to play everyone and pay them off.

They go straight to the stupid people and get the dimes.

dimes pile up and you don't have to do much to keep them rolling in.

Just tell the stupid people all the lies they want to hear.

the lies dont have to make ANY sense.

they don't even have to help the wealthy people get what they want.

All these lies have to do is make the stupid people of choice keep sending in dimes every week.

Its easy as hell and the cruzs and the palins can con there way right into a wealthy seat of their very own.

now the donnald owns this base