The beasts of the east

Well, if you believe.

Hellickson vs Lackey tonight for first place.

Did you see that play, behind the back glove flip!
No one cares about the inferior league, LR. :D

Arggghh! .... Inferior league ... Ha! My NL isn't that far behind the AL in World Series...and my Cards are 2nd only to the Yankees (Satan's team) in championships AND we don't treat our pitches like sissies and actually expect them to bat. ;)
I just watched a replay of the 1979 All-Star Game at the Kingdome in Seattle. There were some bullshit calls against the AL pitcher in the 9th that were brutal. God I miss the Kingdome - some of my favorite memories were there, including seeing Mark McGuire launch the stadium's longest ever homerun. I was also there one year earlier when Edgar Martinez initially set the record (both were futile as the respective teams went down in defeat).
It was beautiful and grandiose from the outside (by contrast Safeco looks like crap). But it was the best damn place to have fun in!