Ted Cruz Hero Or Villain?


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Democrats and MSM’s boogieman villain Ted Cruz who’s now taking the majority of the blame for the pathetic government shutdown, just might have made the perfect down payment on a national heroes badge of honor. Depending on who your listening to these days Obama-Care is even a more monstrous train wreck than even the most skeptical critics predicted it would be. The near total implosion of the government’s web sites for Obama-Care, the sticker shock for the government mandated policies, people finding out that they won’t be able to keep their present coverage in so many cases, the fact that the government has exempted itself from Obama-Care or been granted subsidies for government workers while common ole America gets the shaft, the fact that out of the few that are even able to get connected to the government’s web site only a fraction are even signing up for Obama-Care and they’re said to be the sickest folks and in order for Obama-Care to even work at all there has to be a whopping share of young healthy folks sign up for it to cover the cost for the sickest and it just ain’t happening.

Even leftwing MSM is now starting to bemoan Obama-Care. Even Obama’s spokes-personal are admitting the Obama-Care abortion is an embarrassment. Even Obama’s closest partners in crime, the unions are proclaiming what a disaster Obama-Care is.

Looks like the American voters are gonna get a good first class look at Obama-Care before the 2014 election and I’m wondering what those congressional Tea Party villains are gonna look like by then including and especially Ted Cruz who just might be gathering up some substantial support for a 2016 run for the Presidency. By the 2014 congressional elections, the Tea Party just might be looking like America’s Truth Telling Principled Savior and making gigantic inroads into taking over a huge majority of the Republican Party. Then hopefully we can see the neo-con bastards like McCain, Graham, King and Christie all switch parties and become Democrats where their ass kissing of the leftist bastards will be sanctified.

why do all you right wing people pretend this reality is not reality?

The US Supreme Court declined on Monday to take up a request by the Republican National Committee to lift a 30-year-old consent decree that restricts the political party’s ability to enforce preelection ballot security programs that critics say would result in minority voter suppression.

you see the republicans have had to cheat to win for years already.

you are going to make the need to cheat even bigger,

then you will get caught again.

then your party will die