Ted Cruz has a truth Problem

It's not just Cruz. He openly states he listens to Fox News and follows it. He's just a cult spawn of the idiot side of media. It's just that Cruz is one of the "new age" Republicans that don't know what to think until verifying it with Fox news.
Theres alot of republican pundits calling for him to shut up not democrats his own.
Cruz has talked his way out of president and wielding any great influence with his party.
Ted Cruz was the icon of the Libertarian and Tea Party wrecking ball that wanted to end the system.

It happened.

The big question has been, "Did Republicans need to shut down the Government to figure out what their own party stands for" Basic Conservative....

When the IDIOT side of their party shut down the American Government the Corporate puppets got exposed and the REAL Republicans were exposed. The brains started to sift through the Anarchist/Nihilist idiots in the last 4 days and Republicans FINALLY STARTED MAKING SENSE AGAIN. Some gems were found.

I wonder if we had to have Cruz to expose the good side of the Right, or if Cruz and his "Money Deciples" were the reason the Right lost it's path.