Teabaggers Offer Clean CR Forgetting Obamacare Altogether

According to Rep. Paul Ryan, the house tree-monkeys would be willing to negotiate a clean CR with a promise to cut Social Security and Medicare. Hot dang!!!!!!!! This is gonna be GREAT!!!!!!!!! Get out your popcorn and sodas, boys and girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think this was their real target all along and Obama may go along with this in some form since he wants to cut SS I'm not sure about Medicare. But he is certainly down with changing the way the COL is calculated which is an effective way of slowly eroding one's retirement benefit over time.
The current method of calculating the COLA, the calculation wherein all Federal wages, salaries, Social Security benefits, etc. has been recognized as being a very flawed system for a very long time. Nonetheless, we're talking about mere tenths of tenths of percentage points in overall calculations and they mean virtually nothing other than to appease a few idiotic rightwingnuts in their never-ending fights to abolish Social Security altogether and at all costs. A lot of THEIR costs will be losing a few seats in Congress and a few points in favorability ratings. That's a good thing, IMHO.

That's another DOA.

This whole deal sets a horrible precedent. That is a small minority in government can use extortion as a political tactic by shutting the government down.

President Obama is in the right of this and I would say that if a Republican was President and a small Democratic minority was pulling this stunt (and this is something Republican partisans should give some serious thought too. If they can pull this off, then so could a minority of Democrats.). This sets a horrible precedent and President Obama should refuse to negotiate at all until he's given a clean CR by congress.
I think that is the overall gist of the offer by Rep. Ryan, Mott. It's generally an empty offer, of no consequence or significance other than to give the teabaggers some solace as they try and slither away from all they've so ineptly created and looks to me like a huge opportunity for Democrats to capitalize on the heartlessness and idiocies of the general Republican mindset.