Syria; 10 Minutes of your life, then talk to me.

I've seen multiple other videos that show Syrian and Libyan rebels with brand new American weapons. I would post them, but they are hours long and you all have ADD. :p

How would these rebels get these brand new American weapons? Through a CIA gun running station *Benghazi*. Why would America cover up Benghazi?.....Perhaps because it was an UNDERCOVER OPERATION! There is ample evidence that shows Libyan and Syrian rebels were armed by us, the US. Not in American media, but abundantly in foreign media anywhere outside the US. I state this with an open mind and do not claim this as a fact but ask everyone that doesn't wonder.....WHY THE BENGHAZI CONSPIRACY? Right Wingers state "because Obama is the Anti-Christ and I don't know the specifics but he's a bad man. The Left Wingers state, "The Right Winger idiots are focused on Benghazi as if the President wanted to murder people"