SUGGESTION: Let's try one "clean" day


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Anyone up for this? Let's make Monday, 10/21, whatever time zone that is for you a "clean" day.

By that I mean - post on the issues or, if off-topic like the Tom Petty thread, make it as fun as that thread, don't make it a flame/war zone type thread

No gratuitous insults

No references to other members sexual organs or sexual habits or whatever.

Watch the language - no problem with fuck/shit/bs, but avoid the loaded words - and yes, we all know what they are

No complaining about the other members except privately to the moderators

Stay on topic - don't take a thread way off-topic (i.e. diverting a rape thread to an anti-abortion thread or a whatever thread to a thread about racism)

Let's see what this forum COULD be, if we all respect each other and stay focused on issues.

Anyone game?
WTH? It would hurt you to lay off the insults for one day?

I'm game, lets all give it a try.

Guess I should have done it as a poll.

I just think this site is worth saving; if we can do it for one day, it would give me hope that we can do it long-term
This site is in no danger.

In fact, it looks like it's growing.

If you don't like it here, leave.

Keep whining, bitch.
I look forward to hearing from others on this site about this idea. Thanks, WB, for your input.

You just heard from others on this site. You didn't like what you heard.

The thought of a flaming hypocrite like you proposing a halt to insults is prima facie laughable.

Maybe you should find another discussion forum.
Look around the forum and see how many of the discussions have become useless collections of insults and profanities. Is that the sort of forum you want?

You dodged my question.

I want the sort of forum JPP was and is...the sort of forum whose rules I read, accepted, and agreed to be bound by when I joined.

Tekkygal reminds me of friends of mine who married a M A N "because they loved him for himself" and proceeded to try to change him incessantly until the marriage crumbled.

This is and always has been a contentious place, as a look at earlier posts (including some of yours) readily shows.

If you no longer like the atmosphere here, leave.
They aren't mutually exclusive APP


That indicates to me that certain parties don't want bilateral verbal disarmament...they just want to tilt the playing field in their favor by changing the rules...

How many whining threads demanding the banning of people who have not broken any rules have clogged up the whole board lately?

And they seem to be from the 'we should b able to dish it out but we shouldn't have to take it' crowd.