Study says government healthcare won't improve health

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Liberals at the Washington Post and New York Times went into overdrive avoiding the results of a devastating study on Medicaid.

The landmark study came from Oregon, where the study was designed in such a way that it gave researchers a rare glimpse into the effectiveness of the program.

Before Ezra Klein, Wonkblog editor, knew the results, he called it “the most important health-care policy experiment since the 1970s.”

It turns out that important study wasn’t good news for Obamacare.

The study found that “Medicaid has no statistically significant effect on measured blood pressure, cholesterol or glycated hemoglobin (a measure of diabetic blood sugar control), or on the diagnosis of or medication for blood pressure or cholesterol.”

Here is a graph of the most common causes of death in 2010:


As you can see, having no effect on certain measures of heart health is kind of a big deal.

You don’t have to be a health wonk to see that Obamacare is a disaster.

Insurers, businesses, and a landmark health study could all just be getting it wrong, but I wouldn’t bet trillions of dollars and our nation’s entire health care system on that.

At this point, we should just give poor people money, not empower incompetent and corrupt government bureaucracies to destroy our health care system.

Tell your Senator to take the House’s call to repeal Obamacare.