Social networks in the bag for Obama....


U. S. NAVY Veteran
[h=1]Twitter keeps suspending account critical of Obamacare[/h]

Tell me again how there is no bias in the internet public social networks.....
its the same crap lies that talked a crazy kid from jersy into killing people at LAX.

LIES harm people and the right is nothing but a mountain of lies nowdays
Twitter keeps suspending account critical of Obamacare

Tell me again how there is no bias in the internet public social networks.....

The MSM lines up each day to lick the shit from Obama's ass, and say thank you may I have some more....
so the corporate media is in the bag for Obama?

hey fools then you should be LOVING Obama since your every idea is a corporate whores wet dream
why doesn't this corporate media then just tell the entire world all the decades of right wing cheating in elections.

Its court documented and there is a LONG LONG list of cases that prove it.

why is this "left leaning media" not doing just that?

No American would vote republican if they KNEW the FACTS about how many times the republican party have CHEATED legal American voters out of their vote
"the Iraq war will pay for itself"

"we don't want the final warning to be a mushroom cloud"

"We know just where the WMDs are"

"we did not use white phosphorous in Falugia"

You fuckers kill people with lies
This was NOT a lie.

this was a true statement that was bastardized by you bastard because you HATE Obama more than you can retain a rational thought in your heads.

Now you are all giddy that the insurance Cos have found a new way to fucking cheat your asses.

when will the zoo keeper be back ?

Or at least when will the Lion of the zoo you animals are running now eat the rest of you zebras and goats so ted Cruz can take a nap on that mountain of cash your willing to give his slimey ass?
Oh Im sorry BM have AI been ignoring you thins morning .

its OK boy let me get you a treat from the treat jar.

who a good boy ?

whos a good boy?


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