So The 14yr Old Prisoner Wanted To Be Raped?


Seems like the Zimmy defense team has been sent to Louisiana to handle another crack case.

The case is one component of a scandal that rocked the parish’s juvenile detention center in 2010, resulting in a scathing report from the U.S. Department of Justice. Improper use of isolation cells, lack of supervision and accusations of guards exchanging candy and other favors in return for sex led to indictments and dismissals of staff.

But the case before Judge Larke includes a new twist that is troublesome to child advocates.

As part of its defense, attorneys for the parish say the court should consider what they maintain was Mary Doe’s consent to sex with the guard, and that the amount of damages, if awarded, should be adjusted accordingly.

“Vickers could not have engaged in sexual relations within the walls of the detention center with (the victim) without cooperation from her,” legal papers filed by the parish’s attorneys read. “Vickers did not use force, violence or intimidation when engaging in sexual relations.”

Cue board righties defending the prison guard....
holy crap. It's not consent when you're 14 and locked in a detention center and you have sex with a guard! that should be fracking obviousl