Smithsonion: Don't Hate Early Risers: It’s the Night Owls You Should Worry About"


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Smithsonion: Don't Hate Early Risers: It’s the Night Owls You Should Worry About"

uh oh desh may be right, I could actually be a sociopath :eek:

In a new paper Peter Jonason and his colleagues provide evidence that in humans certain personality types act as a form of adaptation that correlates with a preference for daily or nightly living (a person's "chronotype"). Specifically the researchers have shown that people with a preference for the evening and night-time tend to score highly on the "Dark Triad" of personality traits - Machiavellianism, psychopathy and narcissism.
Across the sample, average Dark Triad trait scores correlated negatively with chronotype scores (r was -.14, p<.001 where -1 would be a perfect correlation). That is, the darker a person's personality score, the more they tended to be an "owl" and to say they functioned more effectively in the evening. Drilling down into the individual subscales: psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and the entitlement/exploitativeness aspects of narcissism all correlated on their own with eveningness on the chronotype questionnaire.
awwwww yeeeee dark triad. Sounds so cool. Maybe people wouldn't have such extreme personality disorders if scientists didn't give them such cool names.
I am a natural night owl as was my mother, my youngest brother and my grandmother. I am a blues musician and singer and 7am ain't nothing to me. No one else in the family seems to be effected by this anomaly but I think the conclusions of the Smithsonian are bullshit at best. Maybe funded by someone that has a hard on for night owls?