Should descendants of slaves pay taxes?

Should descendants of slaves pay taxes?

  • Yes, they should pay what everyone else pays

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  • No, they should not have to pay the same taxes as others

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Descendants of slaves who sold parcels of property to developers are protesting the attendant tax increases that result from rising property values.

Should their status as the progeny of slaves entitle them to special discounts?
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McIntosh County's decision to reappraise homes on the island sparked the problem.

County Attorney Adam Poppell told CNN that the Gullah-Geechee culture is invaluable, but the properties had been historically undervalued due to errors in previous property appraisals.

"We have to follow the law, and assess at fair market value," he told CNN.

They made a killing selling land to developers and now they're crying because development raised the value of their homes....:rofl2: