Segregation Alive & Well


[h=3]CMS task force recommends K-12 school for African-American males[/h]

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools may look at a new option in its effort to help African-American males succeed in the education system.

District superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison created 22 task forces to tackle a variety of issues the school district had to deal with.

One of those task force was tasked with ongoing issues dealing with African-American males in CMS.

The task force made several recommendations, including beginning a planning phase to open a K-12 African-American male school during the 2015-2016 school year. One black male student thinks that would be a great idea.

"The African American male wouldn't have to argue over females," Rising 9th grader George Whitley said. "And we can just get along and relate to each other."

Whitley also believes a new school with one gender and one race would be safer. "We wouldn't have to worry about insults and racism." Whitley said.

Task Force Members believe black male students need to have a chance to succeed in the school system. They claim this new school would build leadership, business and academic skills for black male students.

Taxpayers say this school could teach black male students a good lesson. "Growing up at a certain point," Taxpayer Vanessa Dixon said. "You have to stick together and know what it means to help each other."

CMS leaders are already saying this concept maybe against the law. "If we are going to have an all black school - all male school," CMS school board chairperson Mary McCray said. "Then we must create an all female school because of Title nine."

McCray says the concept is interesting but would rather the idea be inclusive than exclusive. "I can make the case for all males," McCray said. "Because of the needs male students have versus what female students may have."

Some people think this concept is racist and will return to segregation. No word yet what CMS will do.

Other recommendations addressing black male students include revising the school district's discipline processes and recruiting a diverse teaching force for CMS schools.


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