Right Wing Attacking Left Because Obama Asked Congress To Vote On Syria


Tea Is The New Kool-Aid
First off......since when is voting stating "I have a pre-conceived notion" or a bias? Voting and/or a majority is what Democracy is all about. Telling Congress they should not vote would be Tyrant/Dictator on this subject. So wake up.

Secondly, the Right Wing has been pressing for this war since '07. General Wesley Clark exposed this in '07 on "Democracy Now" At the time everyone called him crazy, yet today we saw us go to war or almost go to war with nearly all of these Countries. There is actual verifiable proof of this posted here!

In the last Presidential political debate, Paul Ryan was pushing for more war in Afghanistan, Iran and Syria. Iran was the hot topic of the day because Fox News and the Right Wing were constantly stating that Iran had "blue tarps" covering "things" that were probably nukes..............because what else could blue tarps cover besides firewood * I mean nukes. After Paul Ryan had the first debate about Foreign Policy and showed the Right were warmongers, Romney was absolutely flustered in his FP debate because he was planning to use the same losing material that worked for America all these years.

This isn't a question to Right Wingers, this is a statement. Obama isn't planning to go to war. He is using the voting system called a Democracy to ensure he isn't a Dictator.........................

Follow the money Right Wing.......You are the ones who voted that Corporations are people........Military Weapons Manufacturers are people (with a monetary interest)...either reap what you sew or brain up kids.