Response to: While the proles bitch about shutdowns and Obamacare...


That's not going to matter. If it was sitting on top of a desk or something, in plain view, it's admissible in court.

Like if there was a kilo of cocaine, scales, and crack pipes on a coffee table.

A warrant is very specific and I doubt the papers were against the law, unlike cocaine, scales, or a crack pipe, and even if they thought the papers had something to do with a crime; whey would have had to ask for a second search warrant that applied to the papers.
This is no different then if they think you've committed a murder, so they do a traffic stop on your car. If they open the trunk, without a search warrant, and find a body, it's excluded evidence; because it was attained illegally.
Now if the person's alive and screaming for help, then they have every right to proceed.