Republicans Became Everything They Claim Democrats Are ~ Big Gov, Tyrant, Dictators


Tea Is The New Kool-Aid
1) Dictatorship~A dictatorship is defined as an autocratic or authoritarian form of government in which a government is ruled by either an individual: a dictator, or an authoritarian party.

The job of Government is to do what the people want it to do. Otherwise you have a Government controlling the people, a dictatorship. American Citizens by large numbers in polls wanted Universal background checks with no loopholes, Republicans voted no. Americans by a large margin wanted more Gun Regulation, Republicans voted no and actually fought to drop some regulations already in place. Americans by large margin wanted to ban the sale of Assault Style rifles, Republicans voted no. And Americans voted by large margin they wanted to open the closed Government, Republicans voted no, or more directly won't allow the vote.

2)Tyranny~ "When the people fear the government, there is tyranny"

The majority of Americans fear the decision of the GOP to default on the debt. There is lots of street gun violence right now and Americans by large margin are scared that a dictator party is not only unwilling to close loopholes for criminals to get guns, they want even less regulation. The people also fear this "fake militia" that is forming filled with hatemonger morons driven by misinformation, just "like" a local militia today and see what these idiots are talking about and see all the spreading of lies, constantly stating it's time to arm themselves up and shoot people. But I know some Republicans think that the fictional "tax collector with a gun" guy is a real thing. Note that he is not and if he was, we live in a Country that collects taxes so get over it moron!

3)Big government~ Using big government power to shut down America to get what you want. Our founders would consider this treason and tyranny. Using big government power to not pay our bills just because half of America didn't want to spend the money "their way".

You morons do realize that if you stop paying your credit card THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY STILL COMES TO COLLECT...........DONT YOU?
They did all of this through for profit, fictional media that relies on hate and hatemongers to thrive. They used the big scary words COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM which are being repeated like crazy today by the Libertarians and Tea Party.

The SHEEPLE repeat this without taking 2 minutes out of their day to actually research what "Socialism" is. If they did they would realize welfare has nothing to do with Socialism or Capitalism at all. Socialism isn't the redistribution of wealth, it's the DISTRIBUTION of wealth as voted by the people or in failing Socialist countries, voted by a Government entity.

You Libertardians and Tea Baggers have destroyed the Republican party, why destroy America now? Just because Rupert Murdoch tells you to? Weak minded fools.
Come on Big Money, I Love America and Truth Detector. Debate me on this. Why don't you have anything to say? ........I'm not going to remove your ban until you negotiate with me...:fu: