Remember Benghazi?

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Obama has eagerly claimed credit for the “Arab Spring” as a huge foreign policy success.

He mentions it in many of his speeches, and his 2013 budget proposal includes $770 million for a “Middle East and North Africa Incentive Fund,” designed to keep those new democracies springing right along.

Egypt’s new masters, the Muslim Brotherhood, are very much in agreement that they deserve lavish funding.
The Obama Administration did not stand beside friendly regimes or help to manage a limited transition with more democracy and reforms.

No, it actively pushed to bring down at least four governments—Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen.

The State Department predicted significant problems arising in Tunisia (from the Wikileaks documents) and perhaps that is true for other countries as well.

But if Obama wants to take personal credit for the new U.S. policy that means he also has to take personal blame for the damage it does.

What Obama was really saying was: Ha! So al-Qaida claims we interfere to put reactionary pro-Western dictators in power just because they're siding with us? We'll show them that we can put popular Islamist dictators in power even though they are against us!